November 24, 2012

A poor dancer is impeded by his own balls.
Russian Saying (akin to a poor workman blames his tools)

Looking for references to that joke I found the Wikipedia page about Russian Jokes including this one:
A Frenchman, a Japanese and a Russian were trapped by Tzar. He locked them in a closed chamber and asked to surprise him using three steel balls ... the winner will be released, the others will be executed. In a week the Frenchman demonstrates a juggle with the balls. The Japanese has created a rock garden. The Russian sits sad in his chamber with only one ball in his hands. The Tzar asks him: "Why are you so sad and where are the other balls?". The Russian answers: "One broken, one lost".

Also, this old kisrael entry has some jokes I heard from actual Russians.
Mark Sanchez, QB of the Jets, running into his teammate at full fumble speed:

His dejected look at the end... via