adieu alleyoop

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Today is my last day at Alleyoop. I'm leaving a terrific, smart, fun and productive group of folks and their epic quest to give teens what they need to enter and prosper in college, and that bums me out, because while I've had many jobs over my career (kind of par for this course) there haven't been many that I've liked so much that I've left voluntarily.

Still, great things are awaiting me as the UI point person for Cafe X, the R+D striketeam of ThruPoint. Enterprise-minded high powered in-browser communication. I start Monday! It will be awesome working at the Cambridge Innovation Center at Kendall Square, I'm hoping even more of the MIT-ness will rub off on me.
iTunes store's search is unforgiving of typos and shows results without the track time. WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO CARES ABOUT GOOD UI. -- I honestly do prefer the redline to driving, but this is one of the better collection of GIF memes out there. Kids and stress-- interesting to hear about "Warriors vs Worriers" -- a postmortem of my GGJ team's HTML5 / Processing.js game Heartchers
Occasionally I wonder what a football game would be like if played by Zombies. Would be slower, but oh so much more violent.