February 5, 2014

http://www.asymco.com/2013/10/10/the-five-year-plan/ Kind of a boring article on how Windows PCs are less and less important, proportionately speaking, but what I wonder about is how much they still outsell Macs. Considering I only 100% "switched" last year I guess that might sound rich, but it seems like at least 2/3 of laptops I see on the T and at coffeehouses are Macs. So I'm just wondering if that's more of a Boston-area thing, or a nerd-on-T-and-Coffeehouse thing, or a personal vs business thing (even though Macs are pretty much the standard w/ the hipster companies I'm around these days)
G: Someday I want to go to space
Me: You want to be an astronaut?
G: I'll stay in the spaceship. I want you to hold me when I'm an astronaut
G: But we will have to buy astronaut suits.
Me: That's ok.