February 21, 2014

I don't read Scripture and cling to no life precepts, except perhaps to Walter Cronkite's rules for old men, which he did not deliver over the air: Never trust a fart. Never pass up a drink. Never ignore an erection.
Interesting that it ends talking about still finding companionship via OKC on the like, an unexpected bit of connection between him as author and me as soon-to-be-40 reader.
This bit by Ricky Gervais on "Extras" (@ 2:30 or so) makes me laugh. It's such a human thing to do.

The name of the anti-gay governor of Idaho is Butch Otter. I repeat: The name of the anti-gay governor of Idaho is Butch Otter. #forrealz

FUN THOUGHT EXPERIMENT -- Answer in your head quickly, don't over-think, then check below...
You have a meeting scheduled for Wednesday. The organizer then tells you "We're got to move the meeting forward by two days"
When is the meeting?

I got this from the last few minutes of http://onpoint.wbur.org/2014/02/20/time-wrapped-experience -- according to them, the idea is if you say "Monday", you probably conceptualize yourself as fixed, and time and events coming toward you. If you say "Friday", you see time and events are set, and you see as traveling toward them.

I'm a strong "Friday" myself.

The other interesting thing from the episode is how people some people (with a touch of synesthesia, perhaps) visualize a calendar year; apparently other people also see it as an oval or circle, and counter-clockwise is somewhat more common than clockwise. (Again this is from the end of the episode, from 40:50 til the end is really worth listening to)

Anyway, I've always had that mental image of a year as a circle... I always assumed it came from a puzzle or something I had as a kid, but now I wonder...
You know what they say the modern version of Pascal's Wager is? Sucking up to as many Transhumanists as possible, just in case one of them turns into God.

Interesting. Wii U has a "Dr Luigi" game. Still no 4 player mode, though :-(