July 1, 2014

One Second Everyday. Visual highlights include parasailing in NJ on the 8th, a turtle laying eggs near the Alewife biketrail on the 12th, and Jane on a ride at Old Orchard Beach on the 22nd.

Aww, my car is 10 years old today. Happy Birthday Scion xA!

Oh god, ISIS now what's to be called just "IS" for Islamic State. The TLD (that I use for my website http://kirk.is/ ) is Iceland, but if they get their acts together and actually look like a place someone might want to Internet to, it might be annoying.
Reading that Galaga book-- not as good as the other titles in the "Boss Fight" series. It reminds me of two things that were lost when we transitioned from arcades: the idea that the better you were, the longer your quarter gave you, and the community aspect of the high score table...