2014, One Second Everyday

January 1, 2015

I'm happy with the feeling it gives me about the year; I always look for things to add to my mental grip of that kind of time frame, and reduce the feeling of it slipping away without a trace.
GROSS-- but, for me-- VINDICATION:
According to infectious disease specialist Dr. Owen Hendley, blowing your nose through both nostrils can actually create a secondary infection due to mucus being pushed back into your sinuses. His solution: "Either sniff (the mucus goes to the back of the throat and ultimately to the stomach) or, if you must blow, do it one nostril at a time."
I've always hated blowing my nose, it always seemed ineffective. Frankly I was always disappointed by the faint hiss sound my nose would make, vs the mighty honk I'd observe in others. WELL THE JOKE'S ON THEM! via

Oh and happy new year!

I haven't been totally unproductive this long(ish) holiday break, but I did spend a lot of time "comfort-fooding" on some video games and generally took it easy and not redoing a portfolio site, so I'm trying to make up for some of that today.

I guess I'm more focused here at my desk without music, but somehow I feel like less of a cool person for not needing music, and probably doing better with just the traffic noise.
Quora on the social rules of American / Western societies. I like this kind of analysis.