(2/3 of) my january, one second at a time

February 4, 2013

my february in 2 + 28 seconds

March 1, 2013

April 11, 2013

The footage for todays "One Second Everyday" came out rather nicely...

We are born into a box of time and space. We use words and communication to break out of it and to reach out to others.
Roger Ebert
(I will be on a Roger Ebert quote kick for a week or two.)
Logic is what other people use to prove that you're wrong.
Manuel J. Smith

May 2, 2013

Just finished week 4 of C25K, which puts me at halfway through. Noticed my arches are tender during the day, but I wonder if that has more to due with some fisherman sandals I've been wearing now that the weather has shifted.

I guess my speed isn't great, but I jog when they say jog and walk when they say walk and keep up with that, so that's something.
My April, One Second a Day... a lot of Emma, was never sure when it was going to be her last shot...

back online after a year without the internet So, not a clear win for "cut out the Internet", but still some lessons to be had. I wonder how I could get a better balance...

onr second every day

August 2, 2013

--Another month, another Second Every Day. Still trying to think if it's better for me to make it personally significant (i.e. a reminder of what happened that day) or visually interesting. I think the latter.

September 1, 2013

september was a rather tuba-y month for me

October 1, 2013

Republicans: we had to bomb the economy, in order to save it.

January 2, 2014

Dogs like to poop in alignment with Earth's Magnetic Field. SCIENCE!

Rocking, 'walking' gyroscopic cubes Speaking of science... I always thought gyroscopic forces were weird and mysterious. If -- when, rather -- I become a mad evil overlord, my robotic minions (cleverly and disarmingly disguised as retro-style "Companion Cubes") spontaneously LEAPING UP in blatant disregard of intuition about Newton's laws of action and reaction will mean you should probably start running on your puny human "pushing off against the ground" legs.

January 7, 2014

So here is all but the first part of January of my 2013.

I don't know if people will find this interesting or not, but it really let me relive a year that had a lot of ups and downs.
'Daddy, I had a bad dream.'
You blink your eyes and pull up on your elbows. Your clock glows red in the darkness -- it's 3:23. 'Do you want to climb into bed and tell me about it?'
'No, Daddy.'
The oddness of the situation wakes you up more fully. You can barely make out your daughter's pale form in the darkness of your room. 'Why not, sweetie?'
'Because in my dream, when I told you about the dream, the thing wearing Mommy's skin sat up.'
For a moment, you feel paralysed; you can't take your eyes off of your daughter. The covers behind you begin to shift.

February 1, 2014

january a second a day...

March 1, 2014

http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/tim-cook-soundly-rejects-politics-of-the-ncppr-suggests-group-sell-apples-s Three cheers for Apple CEO Tim Cook.
One Second Every Day for February:

April 9, 2014

march 1 second everyday (late, because of technical glitches)


June 2, 2014

What a month it was! Especially at the beginning...

My new formula for coping with life's setbacks: multiply the annoyance/impact level by the amount I can do to improve the situation by the malicious intent I can presume. So if any of those are near zero, I should be more able to take it in stride. (Historically I think I've been thoughtlessly assuming too much malicious intent, like with traffic holdups.)

August 3, 2014

July One Second Everyday:

Highlights include Fireworks on the 3rd, Cora on the 5th, Porchfest on the 19th.

September 1, 2014

August One Second Everyday... some pretty shots of Boston and Baltimore, Bouncy House on the 9th, ALS Ice Water on the 20th...

http://boingboing.net/2014/08/31/frank-sinatras-february-196.html I share some of my dad's kneejerk dismay at anything that glorifies mafia culture, but Sinatra's strongly stated-- Deism? Agnosticism? Whatever -- impressed me.

October 5, 2014

Very moving photographic series: 4 sisters, 40 years, 40 portraits.

--Late because of technical difficulties (I think because for September 6, the rafting trip, I added in footage from my waterproof Canon - a friend suggested "MPEG Streamclip" and that seemed to work great.). A nice Alewife deer on the 2nd, Arlington Town Day Fireworks on the 12th (first time I managed to remember to go see them, rather than look at them over the houses and say 'oh yeah I should go see those') and a sneeze on the 24th.

November 1, 2014

"[In a halloween straightjacket] I think I fell asleep- this thing is like a Temple Grandin hug!"
Luke Dunphy, "Modern Family"
For a show that is so corny and occasionally problematic in other ways, sometimes it really tickles me.
On the one hand, I kind of like the
message on the DoT electronic billboards. On the other hand, All five I've seen were over heavy, slow traffic areas, which give them a kind of sarcastic "Thanks, Obama" feel.

2014, One Second Everyday

January 1, 2015

I'm happy with the feeling it gives me about the year; I always look for things to add to my mental grip of that kind of time frame, and reduce the feeling of it slipping away without a trace.
GROSS-- but, for me-- VINDICATION:
According to infectious disease specialist Dr. Owen Hendley, blowing your nose through both nostrils can actually create a secondary infection due to mucus being pushed back into your sinuses. His solution: "Either sniff (the mucus goes to the back of the throat and ultimately to the stomach) or, if you must blow, do it one nostril at a time."
I've always hated blowing my nose, it always seemed ineffective. Frankly I was always disappointed by the faint hiss sound my nose would make, vs the mighty honk I'd observe in others. WELL THE JOKE'S ON THEM! via

Oh and happy new year!

I haven't been totally unproductive this long(ish) holiday break, but I did spend a lot of time "comfort-fooding" on some video games and generally took it easy and not redoing a portfolio site, so I'm trying to make up for some of that today.

I guess I'm more focused here at my desk without music, but somehow I feel like less of a cool person for not needing music, and probably doing better with just the traffic noise.
Quora on the social rules of American / Western societies. I like this kind of analysis.

February 1, 2015

Starts slow, has some decent stuff in the middle. Fun windy days, the stop action rock wall on the 12th, bathroom rainbow on the 16th, game jam on the 25th, snow shoveling on the 27th, and fun with video in video on the 28th

Most of us view the world as more benign than it really is, our own attributes as more favorable than they truly are, and the goals we adopt as more achievable than they are likely to be.
Daniel Kahneman, "Thinking, Fast and Slow"

Hate how my pulse is racing, and I know I'll be extra cranky or extra happy, all 'cause of this silly game.

But, Pats just went ahead by a TD before the half, so.
Sometimes it feels like the end of these games is the result of voodoo priests rooting for their respective teams, battling it out. That crazy Seahawks "I'm on my butt but I'm juggling and catching" vs their "I feel compelled to throw right now" -- just the latest chapter in stuff like the Circus helmet catch and the Wes Welker drop in previous SBs.

March 1, 2015

One Second Everyday. Highlights include the city's giant snow piles on the 7th, R​'s fire in snow pit on the 21st, Keytar Bear on the 23rd, Dr. John on the 25th (and Sarah Morrow rockin' the trombone and generally leading) and ends with snow tubing...

Making the rounds...

August 2, 2015

Good news: My blog, my linked in profile, and my production site seem to be spots 1-3 on Google (not sure if the fact I'm searching from the same geographical area helps that or not.)

Bad news: #4 is a "Kirk Israel" twitter who is not me. And the profile picture is some dude in a hunting outfit posing with a dead deer.

Maybe I need to get back on to twitter, and use "Kirk Israel" instead of my zenlike "Kirk Is".
Pretty good visual month! Highlights are motorboat innertube on the 3rd, fireworks on the 4th, echo-y church chapel on the 10th:

September 3, 2015

The month started with a lot of band: helping shutter the JP Library for renovations and then the Hatch... a big swing underdog on the 9th, trombone shorty on the 13th, and ends on a holiday note.

On the difficulty - but continuing importance also - of peer reviewed science... includes a great p-value fiddler interactive widget.
Cora Vs The Rooster...

October 1, 2015

-- http://drawbartdraw.com/

Man. I have been getting all of my news via text on screen, I guess.
I liked the underwater bit on the 5th and the swing ride on the 26th...

bad ux is a misdemeanor against humanity & google inbox "speed dial" is a joke.

November 1, 2015

I have another normal One Second Everyday coming, but I made a second set of a selfie-style shot everyday... the result wasn't as good as the normal one, but kind of good...

November 2, 2015

My actual "One Second Everyday" for October- highlights include a ton of great music (especially around the 9 through 11th HONK! fest), my car rolling over to 100,000 miles on the 27th, and Dominic's awesome colorful light suit at Honk-O-Ween on the 31st.

Subtlety is overrated. But it's easy to mix up with detail, which I dig.
I will vote for whatever brave democrat ends the terrible scourge of 'The Best of Car Talk.'

December 2, 2015

advent day 2

Looking at the book "Full Catastrophe Living", about mindfulness and meditation.

Folks who have some kind of meditation practice, or have embraced this stuff in general, I have a question...

So I can think of around 4 states of mind I could have during meditation, or even just in general
1. Blank
2. Weirdly detailed study of the immediate surroundings and/or body
3. pleasantly wandering
4. fretfully wandering

No of these, I'd only know for sure that 4 is discouraged.

In general I assume 1 and 2 are more promoted, though in at least one session, 3 seemed to not be discouraged. And I dug that, I think purposeful tangential musing is a pleasure I indulge in too rarely.

Anyway, which do you think most practices of mindfulness would have us aspire to? Of course the "Blank" is kind of interesting when applied to what's going on as we do another activity... sometimes it can be mean "so focused we're totally into what we're doing at the moment" and other times "so unfocused that we're just letting the subconscious processes run the show and are mindless rather than mindful"
If videogames were just meant to inject the greatest enjoyment at the lowest cost per unit, they would just be inefficient, unintuitive narcotics.
Ian Bogost

An oddly large amount of "spoken word" last month along with the usual abundance of tuba music- sometimes it almost seems to tell a story
Highlights include Cora saying "Car" on the 7th (which was my first word, actually), a boogying bee on the 9th, slow mo jenga on the 12th... a journey to a family funeral and Montreal included as well.

on the internet of things
From my dev blog, thoughts about a future with a ton of smart devices....

January 1, 2016


This year I'd like to resolve to be a little more thoughtful in my speech; to just do a second of organizing my thoughts, cutting out the disclaimers (that shield be from any posibility of being *gasp* technically wrong) and not leading with the tangents (that show how clever I am).

Anyway, here is 2015, a second a day for the year...

I kind of like years that are divisible by 2 or 5, so the _4, _5, _6 run in the middle of a decade is a nice 3 year stretch. _1,_3,_7,_9 never feel as good.

January 3, 2016

On my devblog Thoughts on a good presentation by Maciej Ceglowski
Also remember: anything is a napkin if you try hard enough, all right? It'll come to you. When you need it.
Brilliant series of Bellassai downing a giant glass of wine and then pontificating brilliantly at his desk at work.
Wanted to include my "Just December" One Second Everyday - I loved the giant Climate rally on the 12th, and the final (for now) candle for me and UU Covenant Groups on the 15th... plus seeing my comic on the counter at Million Year Picnic on the next day...the squirrel on the 18th was pretty cool as well. And the year ended with a Jersey Shore Party... guess you had to be there!

February 2, 2016

Aw jeez. Cruz is a "sweet lovin' son of a preacher man" too? Dammit. Lets hope this doesn't get out.
January 2016 One Second Everyday

Besides the usual "lots of music", I liked the aquarium in the 9th and the slow motion water bubbler on the 30th.
Obama fortifying East to deter Putin. This doesn't feel like a good idea to me, just feeding into Russia's paranoia about our possible intentions on offense.
How to Raise a Creative Child. Step One: Back Off Intriguing.... besides obvious possible suggestions for my friends-with-kids, I think about how much I love the concept of "JUST MAKE A GAME DO IT NOW NOW NOW" of http://glorioustrainwrecks.com/ . I gotta get back to that site.

March 1, 2016

29 Seconds of Februrary! Coolest stuff was probably in the middle when I joined the Bread + Puppet Overtakelessness Circus Band. At the end was some good geek stuff.

April 2, 2016

Pretty good month for One Second Everyday! I like how halfway through on the 15th my Aunt Susan says "And then..." to set up the second half, and then Celtics Dunk Team footage on the 23rd was fun. (Also two different Cora events, the Bubbles on the 12th were hecka cute)

May 1, 2016

A lot of music, and some animals, and some quiet moments.

The contrast between people swimming in Austin's Barton Springs on the 4th and the wintry Arlington street on the 5th is pretty striking...

June 1, 2016

"World's worst sorority"

--by @ElleOhHell

Personal highlights are that New England Book Show thing on the 3rd, Porch-i-Oke Hey Jude on the 21st, Great Aunt memorial on the 25th-26th - some visual peaks are slomo bird on the 9th, snuck John Williams and the pops on the 12th, virtual niece ice skate spinning on the 14th, and a great big Brookline turkey gobble on the 30th.

July 1, 2016

As a Scot and a Presbyterian, my father believed that man by nature was a mess and had fallen from an original state of grace. Somehow, I early developed the notion that he had done this by falling from a tree. As for my father, I never knew whether he believed God was a mathematician but he certainly believed God could count and that only by picking up God's rhythms were we able to regain power and beauty. Unlike many Presbyterians, he often used the word "beautiful."
He was about the only man I ever knew who used the word "beautiful" as a natural form of speech, and I guess I picked up the habit from hanging around him when I was little.
Norman Maclean, "A River Runs Through It". I read it a while back, but this concept stuck with me.

Apple forces a password change and then my iPhone and other devices asks me for the new one about a thousand times.
Overall a quiet month for One Second Everyday - Visually I liked the shot of Alewife on the 10th, followed by Pride. I could have done even more bugs like on the 18th. And looking into the San Pellegrino on the 29th was kind of fun.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast and the fork we use to eat the strategy is execution.
Tim Armstrong, CEO of AOL

2008 photo bonus: scenes from portugal

August 1, 2016
(People so inclined can see a more detailed day-by-day travelog at http://kirk.is/2009/09/29/ )

Highlights for July were a trip down to Ocean Grove New Jersey, Porchfest, a nice ladybug on the 16th, and lots of band as always... on the 17th, actually, after a pipeline rally, my tuba and I did a bit of background bass for a freestyle rap thing that I guess is a weekly event at Downtown Crossing Station.

RIP Seymour Papert, co-inventor of the "kid's" computer language Logo - "You can't think seriously about thinking without thinking about thinking about something."
The End Of The World

Quite unexpectedly, as Vasserot
The armless ambidextrian was lighting
A match between his great and second toe,
And Ralph the lion was engaged in biting
The neck of Madame Sossman while the drum
Pointed, and Teeny was about to cough
In waltz-time swinging Jocko by the thumb
Quite unexpectedly to top blew off:

And there, there overhead, there, there hung over
Those thousands of white faces, those dazed eyes,
There in the starless dark, the poise, the hover,
There with vast wings across the cancelled skies,
There in the sudden blackness the black pall
Of nothing, nothing, nothing -- nothing at all.
Archibald MacLeish

I just finished Sam Harris' "Letter to a Christian Nation". It's a brief book but in a stridently and generally not too sympathetic tone... some quotes:
The same Gallup poll revealed that 53 percent of Americans are actually creationists. This means that despite a full century of scientific insights attesting to the antiquity of life and the greater antiquity of the earth, more than half of our neighbors believe that the entire cosmos was created six thousand years ago. This is, incidentally, about a thousand years after the Sumerians invented glue.
Imagine the consequences if any significant component of the U.S. government actually believed that the world was about to end and that its ending would be glorious.
The problem with such [atheist tyrants e.g. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, and Kim Il Sung] is not that they reject the dogma of religion, but that they embrace other life-destroying myths.
If current trends continue, France will be a majority-Muslim country in twenty-five years-- and that is if immigration were to stop tomorrow.
Most of the arguments he made I'd heard before... again, his tone was a little angrier and strident than I like, though I thought his points were well argued. One point he made I hadn't thought of, or heard elsewhere: "But let us assume, for the moment, that every three-day-old human embryo has a soul worthy of our moral concern. Embryos at this stage occasionally split, becoming separate people (identical twins)." He's stating it in terms of stem-cell research, but I think the argument also has implications for Pro-Choice/Pro-Life arguing, at least the form of it- if it's not a strawman - that says there's an immortal soul created at the moment of conception. If so, what happens with twins? Of course this argument fades away if you have a less supernatural conception of soul (though the hope for immortality usually goes with that) - I think even for people who believe it's an issue for women and maybe their doctors, there's a natural preference that abortion be "safe, legal, and rare"... the potential for personhood is worthy of some consideration, but I don't think too much, lest we go slip into the catholic view where every form of birth control is suspect... we're certainly under no obligation to make sure as many potential people become actual people as possible... in fact, to some extent the opposite.

September 1, 2016

Never is a shortened version of 'not ever'... i feel like I am supposed to have known this...

One Second Everyday for August! A lot of band stuff as always (at a funeral on the 5th, at the hatch on the 11th, in front of a ribbon acrobat on the 21st), other highlights like underwater Melissa on the 13th and seeing my German friends on my way to Ireland on the 15th.

Diggerland, USA Wow. Plans for my next NJ trip! Who wouldn't want to operate a massive earthmover machine?

October 3, 2016

The Viagra commercial says 'make sure your heart is healthy enough for sex'. That's a really deep question if you think about it in a more metaphorical way.

November 1, 2016

Between HONK! and Halloween, this month was mostly music, and some art.

The 7th has a close up of a baritone player's cigarette (the player is French, of course), 24th has me trying to master a hula hoop, and the 28th is a cat that has grown use to like one trombone but 12 at once is just too much. Also the Jack-O-Lanterns I helped with near the end; I like the tiny face and just inscribing the word "Pumpkin"
"Seeing someone reading a book you love is seeing a book recommending a person"

December 1, 2016

advent day 1

advent2016.alienbill.com Once again, I made a virtual advent calendar! An original little digital toy for each day leading up to Christmas. You can comeback daily to see what's unlocked.

January 1, 2017

One Second Everyday for all of 2016.

1. Man, it was a long year! The stuff at the beginning of the year seems so long ago. (Seems kind of weird I've only been going out with Melissa for a year and half or so.)
2. Arguably, there's too much band stuff :-D I mean it's important to me, and photo/audiogenic, but maybe I should start favoring less repetitive stuff...
3. I think I might start posting these seasonally rather than monthly. I'm wondering if 30 seconds is too short but 6 minutes is too long - 1:30 seems like a decent time, and I tend to think of the year in seasons anyway (meteorological not astronomical - fall being Sept Oct Nov, Winter being Dec Jan Feb, etc, not based on solstice / equinox etc)
"These Dunkin Donuts drink carry trays seems like they should be useful for something - I think there's a lifehack for them? Like you put in seedlings in them?"
"Yeah, that sounds like such a lifehack thing. You know what's another lifehack? Don't spend your precious time and energy making seedlings."
Melissa and Me

Life is short, though I keep this from my children.
Life is short, and I've shortened mine
in a thousand delicious, ill-advised ways,
a thousand deliciously ill-advised ways
I'll keep from my children. The world is at least
fifty percent terrible, and that's a conservative
estimate, though I keep this from my children.
For every bird there is a stone thrown at a bird.
For every loved child, a child broken, bagged,
sunk in a lake. Life is short and the world
is at least half terrible, and for every kind
stranger, there is one who would break you,
though I keep this from my children. I am trying
to sell them the world. Any decent realtor,
walking you through a real shithole, chirps on
about good bones: This place could be beautiful,
right? You could make this place beautiful.
Maggie Smith, "Good Bones"

June 1, 2017

Experimenting with doing One Second Everyday by 3-month Season rather than month-- so this goes back to the snow in March, hits HONK!TX, gets lots of band stuff in, and that week of being under the weather...

(feedback welcome about 1:30 of a season vs releasing 3 30 second months...)
Who doesn't like the Paris Climate Accord? Syria, Nicaragua (who doesn't think it goes far enough) and Republicans.

I'd feel bad about that kind of divisive simplification, but you can actually watch the Republicans do an about-face over the past ten years in this video - they used to sound almost reasonable on it, then they decided to make it a political football.

Followup: GOP rep: If climate change is real, God will 'take care of it'. Didn't he hear that old joke about the guy in the flood who passes up being rescued by a rowboat a motorboat and a helicopter saying 'god will provide' and then God points out he had sent a rowboat a motorboat and a helicopter?

Pierre Buttin Brutalist UI Redesigns...

I kind of love some of these. It reminds me of the same problem I have quantifying what exactly makes an old website look old.

September 1, 2017

So I've been playing with doing 3-month seasons rather than one month videos for my "One Second Everyday"... so here's my summer!

Lot of good band-plus-dancer shots.
"How dare you speak ill of Hawaiian pizza. Pistols at dawn.
Or dusk, because dawn is pretty early."
"I guess that's why a lot of old westerns do high noon. You don't have to get up early, but you still have the day ahead of you should you survive."
Ryan and Daniel at work.
We have a slack channel "#stupid-dea-buddies" where we add to a numbered list of Stupid Ideas, and no one is allowed to criticize other people's ideas, we want to keep stuff positive! (Based on the question Was Twitter a Stupid Idea.) Anyway, it's a fun channel, I'd recommend something similar for any company that uses shared chatrooms.
"Premium Medicore". What was so wrong with "Middlebrow"?

December 1, 2017

September, October, November, all of Fall in 1:30 (or so) - pretty good one. If the format drives you nuts or bores you, skip to the end for Melissa's take on getting ready for the holidays... lots of protests, band (as always), and a fair chunk of halloween...

Oof guess Friday isn't much better for MacOS Calendar:

The amount of horseshit being crammed into this "tax bill" is fucking amazing. Scribbled notes on the margin? Sure why not. Want to put in a definition of unborn child? Yeah that's fucking relevant!
Like, maybe you didn't like the ACA? Maybe even that there was some unseemly political games to let it squeak by? But at least it was what it was, and political capital was spent to let it happen. This absolute fucking nonsense of "oh politics says this big ass bill will pass, we'll gone shove it through (even past the republicans who give a damn about deficits and the fact we can't even wait for the numbers from the CBO which are gonna show what a craptastic notion is) so since we're gonna make it happen by christmas, lets give ourselves all the christmas presents we can!"
Garbage. Shame on you Republicans, you're so damn gerrymandered that half of you can only lose to tea party nutjobs in the primaries, so any hope of making politics mean any kind of finding common ground is lost.

January 1, 2018

It's only now, as an adult, I realize: they're always homeless! They're homeless vagabonds!
Melissa as we ring in the new year with a 3 Stooges Marathon...Happy 2018!

Continuing my annual (and, err, daily) tradition of one second of video footage every day.

Long year. Still lots of bands, and lots of protests.

my summer, one second everyday

September 1, 2018
My summer: bands, bridges, birds, beaches, buds (I like that it begins and ends with flowers)
Watched "The Disaster Artist" last night. Woke up thinking I wanted to see a prequel to "The Room" but animated, and cast with the Muppet Babies.

my fall, one second everyday

December 1, 2018

RIP George H.W. Bush. Two thoughts on him:
1. He was wise enough not to decimate and overthrow Iraq - maybe even recognizing that a counterweight to Iran was useful in that region. Similarly, he seems to be the last actual fiscally conservative Republican president we've had.
2. I suspect Bill Clinton benefited from Perot running in 1992 more than Bush did. Without Perot's run, Clinton's win, it's a different landscape - Gingrich's "Contract with America" was a brilliant piece of political blah blah blah that resulted from that, and maybe in this alternate scenario the drive behind stuff like The Tea Party movement never has the focus, and maybe things aren't as stupidly polarized as they are now.
jendziura twitter thread making the rounds, thoughtful stuff on the "first principles" thinking of conservatives and libertarians vs "what are the outcomes" thinking of liberals. It's still pretty compatible with the "moral foundations" theory of Jonathan Haidt - liberals are very concerned about harm and unfairness, conservatives mix those concerns with other concepts of proper authority and what not. And also with the idea that authoritarian-leanig folks are more concerned about not letting "cheaters" and outsiders benefit unfairly without pulling their weight.
"That was my shot. It's a funny language, German. For one thing, everybody shouts it. All those very long words: the literalism, the tinkertoy accumulation. It sounds pushy, beginning every sentence with a verb like that. And take the first person singular: ich. "Ich." Not a masterpiece of reassurance, is it? I sounds nobly erect. Je has a certain strength and intimacy. Eo's okay. Yo I can really relate to. Yo! But ich? It's like the sound a child makes when it confronts its own ... Perhaps that's part of the point. No doubt all will come clear as soon as my German gets better."
Martin Amis, "Time's Arrow".
(And with possible apologies to my German friends!) Fascinating book, thanks for the recommendation Dave Adams. The concept (and this is only a spoiler for the first few pages) is of a homunculus riding along in a doctor's head, except the homunculus experiences everything in reverse - so starting with death and moving onto being merely infirm, gradually regaining mobility then vitality, and so on. Much of the book is reframing the ordinary and seeing what still kind of works in reverse (much small talk, for instance) and what become an abomination (to quote Wikipedia, "Blows heal injuries, doctors cause them. Theft becomes donation, and vice versa. In a passage about prostitutes, doctors harm them while pimps give them money and heal them. ") Besides the pleasure of that, it's intriguing to compare the narrator (feeling the doctor's feelings but not privy to his thoughts, or able to exert any control) to our own subconscious minds.


January 1, 2019
I have mixed feelings about New Year' Resolutions. Looking back, a few good things have come from them for me, but not many.

Here's what I'd like to do:

1. On a DAILY basis I'd like to do at least one thing for Mind (like read a chapter of a book), Body (there are some exercises I've been neglecting that might help get past a recurring but minor arm ache) or Spirit (there's a meditation app I've had languishing on my phone for months)
2. On a WEEKLY basis I'd like to revive my 2001 resolution of "catch up with one person I'd like to stay in contact with a week". This might have been too ambitious when I thought it meant "in person", but if I include email or call contact, it might be good.

(For both of those it helps to have a good Todo app with recurring items - my favorite being "2Do", which handles multiple sublists better than any I've seen.)


3. Continue being less angsty and procrastinatory when tasks are triggering insecurity. I tried to make this comic panel with an appropriate quote:

(I'd like to make a sequel of sorts to, or maybe rather an anthology including So, You're Going to Die, with all the best ideas I've encountered in my 40-odd years here, though I wish I had an advisor/editor whose taste I trusted, to help me how to make best use of the tools I have available (both intrinsic and external) and to figure out if I should commission an illustrator who has worked at honing their craft, or if there is enough charm in my doodle style to carry the day - and if the latter, which of my gimmick styles works best.)

Worth reposting:

winter one second everyday

March 1, 2019
So like clockwork here is my One Second Everyday for the winter-- Christmas in NJ including the pinball museum, lots of bands (with me as player and me as audience), hanging out with kids, lots of office shots, some snow shoveling, a bit of football game and video game footage....

Oh wait, that's 2013-2014, not not 2018-2019! Here's the current one:

So, little joke there. It is a little jarring to me how similar my current life looks.
I'm pedantically anti-pedantic. I HATE when people correct someone calling a sousaphone "a tuba" - the term "tuba" isn't as specific as it could be, but it's not wrong! And flaunting your "superior", yet incomplete, musical knowledge over someone is just rude.

Anyway, that whole "look how smart I am, I know tomatoes are FRUITS" crowd has some splainin' to do, because the definition of "vegetable" is a hot mess. (And to my surprise reflects the old Anglo-Saxon/Norman elitist crap of centuries ago, and today...)

I guess I always fall on the side of being descriptivist, because I think prescriptivism is forcing people to bow to a quite possibly false god - l feel there IS an optimal, "correct" answer to things, and you should look to the usage by real people as the most accurate signposts - maybe even the definition of what is correct - to that unknowable truth (or rather, the truth you can know, but you can never be CERTAIN you know) rather than strutting with the arrogant hubris of self-certainty, like just because you know the etymological roots of something, you are blessed with perfected knowledge.

June 2, 2019

spring 2019 one second everyday
Unrequited love is way underrated. It's kind of like smoking. Ultimately it's bad for you, especially in the long term. Both are bad for your health, make you "smell" worse to others, and cause you to pick up annoying repetitive habits, whether it's constantly wanting something in your mouth (smoking) or anxiously checking e-mail (unrequited love). But on the other hand, both have a certain glamour, give us something to do with ourselves, and have a huge deserved mystique and romantic history behind them. Smoking gets you outside where as otherwise you might stick yourself in the office all day, unrequited love gets you to write amusing bon mots where as otherwise you might write nothing but pedestrian e-mail.
Journal entry I made July 12 2000

I don't remember who gave me the idea, but I'm SO much happier now that I'm framing my task manager in terms of what benefit I'll get from doing things rather than having an endless list of tasks I "need" to do.

summer 2019 One Second Everyday and photos of the month - august 2019

September 1, 2019

Also, the photos of the month:

everybody needs a tuba for a pillow, everybody needs a tuba

my pals think living in scotland is all beautiful rolling hills and friendly patter when in reality it's a junkie shouting 'ye goin for a shite hen?' at me because i'm carrying a 16 roll pack of toilet roll

December 1, 2019

Best Photos of 2019

January 3, 2020

and the whole year one second per day:

The Guest House

March 1, 2020
This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whatever comes.
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks
Found this via a Poetry Unbound podcast on another fine poem, Joy Harjo’s “Praise the Rain”