from January 1, 2022

2021 One Second Everyday - my ninth year doing this project.

As usual, much tuba/band and protest stuff. New house stuff starts in February! My Sisyphus project early in the year, and vaccines shot, where weirdly I seem to be wearing the same shirt. Evidence of a lot of fun summer outings! Also many shots of Dean throughout.

from September 2, 2021

from June 1, 2021

For such an interesting time (vaccines! birthday! new house!) kind of a mundane second every day...

from 2020, 1 Second Everyday

January 4, 2021

I've been cleaning up my blog's tag system, so now the 1sed tag just has the annual versions, going back to 2013...

from Best Photos of 2019

January 3, 2020
and the whole year one second per day:

from resolute

January 1, 2019

from January 1, 2018

Continuing my annual (and, err, daily) tradition of one second of video footage every day.

Long year. Still lots of bands, and lots of protests.

from January 1, 2017

One Second Everyday for all of 2016.

1. Man, it was a long year! The stuff at the beginning of the year seems so long ago. (Seems kind of weird I've only been going out with Melissa for a year and half or so.)
2. Arguably, there's too much band stuff :-D I mean it's important to me, and photo/audiogenic, but maybe I should start favoring less repetitive stuff...
3. I think I might start posting these seasonally rather than monthly. I'm wondering if 30 seconds is too short but 6 minutes is too long - 1:30 seems like a decent time, and I tend to think of the year in seasons anyway (meteorological not astronomical - fall being Sept Oct Nov, Winter being Dec Jan Feb, etc, not based on solstice / equinox etc)

from January 1, 2016


This year I'd like to resolve to be a little more thoughtful in my speech; to just do a second of organizing my thoughts, cutting out the disclaimers (that shield be from any posibility of being *gasp* technically wrong) and not leading with the tangents (that show how clever I am).

Anyway, here is 2015, a second a day for the year...

from 2014, One Second Everyday

January 1, 2015

I'm happy with the feeling it gives me about the year; I always look for things to add to my mental grip of that kind of time frame, and reduce the feeling of it slipping away without a trace.

from January 7, 2014

So here is all but the first part of January of my 2013.

I don't know if people will find this interesting or not, but it really let me relive a year that had a lot of ups and downs.