February 7, 2015

Man. Conceptually brilliant video: riding away "at the speed of light" from the Sun, and all the way out past Jupiter 3/4 hour later. I guess it makes me sad because compared to the distances involved, light doesn't seem all that fast.
It's so weird seeing interplanetary motion put in such human-relatable visual terms. Of course, if you could get up to those speeds, much less time would seem to have elapsed, and there are other reasons this video isn't "accurate". Still, sometimes I think sci-fi that projects us moving inward (to VR) rather than outward (to space) might have it right.

Riding Light from Alphonse Swinehart on Vimeo.

You know, a decade ago I saw some water marked with a Kosher sign, and it got me wondering how it could possibly not be - I mean how far away from "don't cook a calf in the milk of it's mother, that's cruel" do we have to get? Well, thanks to a reference in "Broad City", now I see a better justification! NYC water is imbued with seamonkeys, basically, and so is not Vegan and maybe not Kosher...