the colour of not-magic

March 4, 2015
From Pratchett, Stewart, and Cohen, "The Science of Discworld":
This was turning out to be the longest winter in living memory - so long, in fact, that living memory itself was being shortened as some of the older citizens succumbed.
As Joni Mitchell sang at Woodstock: 'We Are Stardust". Scientists like quoting this line, because it sounds as though they were young once.
Trying to find any deep meaning to events was like trying to find reflections in a mirror: you always succeeded, but you didn't learn anything new.
Science certainly does not claim to get things right, but it has a good record of ruling out ways to get things wrong.
All religions are true, for a given value of 'truth'

We are the curators of our own lives. Curators make choices. Like when I was 21, 22 years old, I was selling vacuum cleaners, and probably making $125 to $150 a week. But when an opportunity came along to act in a play in Hollywood making $50 a week, I took it readily. That's a curator's choice. I felt my selling vacuum cleaners wouldn't do anything for me as an artist.