March 5, 2015

The best knock-knock was made by me. It goes: 'Knock-knock. Who's there? A gang of vigilantes armed with machine guns, leather straps and brass knuckles to thump the breath out of anybody who persists in playing this blame fool knock-knock game.'
Here are my favorite knock-knocks - For the first time in years, maybe, I went through the rigamarole of re-enabling Java applets on my OSX, and I'm kind of impressed by the creativity my old self put into this. I should definitely get to porting some of these, either to html5 (still need to get a good physics library) or maybe Apple Spritekit-- or maybe one of those "JavaVM on IOS" things...
A Russian novelist in NYC watches 7 Days of Russian TV. "Out of My Mouth Comes Unimpeachable Manly Truth"