December 2, 2015

advent day 2

Looking at the book "Full Catastrophe Living", about mindfulness and meditation.

Folks who have some kind of meditation practice, or have embraced this stuff in general, I have a question...

So I can think of around 4 states of mind I could have during meditation, or even just in general
1. Blank
2. Weirdly detailed study of the immediate surroundings and/or body
3. pleasantly wandering
4. fretfully wandering

No of these, I'd only know for sure that 4 is discouraged.

In general I assume 1 and 2 are more promoted, though in at least one session, 3 seemed to not be discouraged. And I dug that, I think purposeful tangential musing is a pleasure I indulge in too rarely.

Anyway, which do you think most practices of mindfulness would have us aspire to? Of course the "Blank" is kind of interesting when applied to what's going on as we do another activity... sometimes it can be mean "so focused we're totally into what we're doing at the moment" and other times "so unfocused that we're just letting the subconscious processes run the show and are mindless rather than mindful"
"If videogames were just meant to inject the greatest enjoyment at the lowest cost per unit, they would just be inefficient, unintuitive narcotics."
--Ian Bogost
An oddly large amount of "spoken word" last month along with the usual abundance of tuba music- sometimes it almost seems to tell a story
Highlights include Cora saying "Car" on the 7th (which was my first word, actually), a boogying bee on the 9th, slow mo jenga on the 12th... a journey to a family funeral and Montreal included as well.

on the internet of things
From my dev blog, thoughts about a future with a ton of smart devices....