December 3, 2015

advent day 3

Three from Joshua Allen's "The House of Wigs":
Connecticut: an "ill-advied and unnecessary state."
But anyway my favorite part of ["The Greatest Love of All"] -- everybody's favorite, probably--is "I believe the children are our future," because of the "are our" part which echoes the haunting cry of the harbor seal and kind of adds a seaside vibe to the whole thing.
What if you wrapped a granola bar in a slice of mozzarella cheese. Would that taste good. Would it constitute an actual meal.

Jar-Jar, the "Drunken Master" and mastermind behind the rise of the Empire...
Probably the weirdest thing about my mustache... I must have some odd neural crosswiring, if I touch the whiskers gently, often I feel it in my eyelashes.