December 29, 2015

We're in the exact point of climate change as when wile e. coyote runs off the cliff but hasn't looked down yet

I'm sure if we had poets, they'd be writing about the swallowing of Miami Beach by the sea.
Sometimes I think my folks are bummed that I seemed disinclined to hold on to their retirement home (and the summer and holidays getaway spot for us for many years) on the Jersey Shore once they don't need it, but with geologists like Hal Wanless saying "Many geologists, we're looking at the possibility of a ten-to-thirty-foot range by the end of the century" my reticence isn't just a lack of sentimentality.
Co-opted characters, but I like the line...

James Harvey has been posting some cool stuff about design in sci-fi movies. It reminded me of how much I love the design work in the Wipeout series. Maybe because it's based on parts simple enough that it has the "I could do that, maybe" flair.