December 30, 2015

Options for playing iTunes music on Android. Wow. Surprised to see one of the things keeping me in iOS land (my music, which I like to keep locally, ideally with certain smart "most recently added" playlists) is actually still a legitimate problem.
SPOILER: "On Wednesday, the North Pole will be warmer than Western Texas, Southern California, and parts of the Sahara"

Good god. Climate change denialists: please, please re-examine your ways of getting information about how the world works.
Wow, today marks 15 years of daily blogging. At this moment the oddest part of that for me (in the usual 'wow, time can slips by in odd little ways' way) is that for over half of it I've been using the smaller, "of the Moments" feature. This started as an easy way for me to mirror what I was writing on twitter (i.e. quick one liners) but has evolved to be the primary way I update the site on a daily basis - in fact next up on my site improvement list is improving that so that multiline updates are less of a hack.
Nice poem, Acceptance Speech by David Yezzi