December 31, 2015

Remember last day to repost: "I wish people would stop asking me where I see myself in five years... I don't have 2020 vision"
By the way: I love Tom Brady. I love watching him play, and I love how everybody hates him and how he just keeps destroying everyone regardless. But as a general rule: If you have a picture of Tom Brady in your Twitter avatar, you're almost certainly a Nazi.
Will Leitch.
The first part of the article, No One Cares If You Lie, brings up some important points about the fact-proof nature of political discourse. When Al Franken wrote "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them" I wasn't expecting said liars to do such a job of OWNING that...
I kind of wish Jon Mooallem's tale of the Puritans slaughtering Thomas Granger and all his "lovers" for bestiality (in August 2015 Wired) in response to a man who wrote for advice on his swearing too much coworkers, and then saying, sorry guy, the swearers are the puritans in this example, watch out for the mob, was online somewhere...