February 11, 2016

The Worst Best Hackathon ever.
So OK GO shares the Zero G Flight experience!

It's probably as authentic as it claims (no wires or green screen) but I don't think there's any way it could be "one take"... clever editing though
http://nymag.com/thecut/2016/02/im-voting-for-hillary-because-of-my-daughter.html Some friends of mine were saying "There might be many reasons to vote for Hilary but if you're voting for her solely because she's a woman, you're sexist". To me that sounded like a bit of a strawman case, they claim that that (the "JUST because she's a woman" aspect) was what they had heard, but I think vanishingly few people are truly strictly single issue voters in that way; the candidate has to be in the ballpark to begin with, or else we would have heard more "Hilary OR Carly Fiorina".

My take on it is this: everyone has to- and generally does- evaluate candidates in a multidimensional way. Some factors you like, some factors you don't. If the claim is that it's somehow illegitimate for "gender alone" to be one of those many factors, I think you then have to explain 227 years of electing nuthin' but dudes to the highest office in the land. Just coincidence then, that in two centuries the best qualified person was always a guy?

Maybe you could argue that it's off balance for gender to be a disproportionately large litmus among many factor, but even then - stopping the signal to half the population that "you're not qualified for this because of your gender" is a worthy goal. And when you think of the mishmash nightmare of national politics an unambiguous signal stoppage would be a clear victory for humanity, vs the more uncertain world of political outcomes. (Even if you dig a person with progressive tendencies, and they win, you have to acknowledge the political landscape will be brutally polarized and obstructed. Possibly even more so than the last 8 years, so whatever ambitions you have need to be tempered with the fact that almost half the population disagrees vehemently with you)
Here's the Eventbrite for the event I'll be joining in on tuba on Saturday and Sunday - free / but donations accepted...