February 24, 2016


Some of my coworkers scoffed at how many browser windows I tend to have open - I use tabs a lot, but I tended to have a ton of browser windows too--

Starting today, not anymore! In OSX I mapped it so cmd-n no longer opens a new window, I have to cmd-shift-n like I MEAN it, and in general I'll try to keep it to just one window per browser.

I think my old habit was a hangover from my Windows 95 through Windows 7 days; each browser window could have its own button on the task bar, and I kind of leveraged "physical memory" to keep track of what was where. OSX is much more app-not-window centric - every app puts its menu at the top, and only has a single entry in the dock. Limiting how many windows I have open is less "against the grain" of how its use.

Actually, this switch feels like could be a reinvigorating lifehack, a way to lose the clutter of lots of windows. Each browser has a single row of tabs, so it's almost like a thermometer reading of how distracted I'm letting myself be...