June 17, 2016

TIL: The Japanese word "Ikari" means either "anchor" or "anger" depending on how it's written.

That seems kind of symbolic.

(And yes, I was looking for what the term in the arcade title "Ikari Warriors" meant.)
His code is 'write only'. It might work, but you have no chance of understanding or modifying it, you might as well burn it to CD.
Kirk Israel, circa 2001. I was thinking about how my quote journaling has changed over the years, and remembered when I made it onto someone else's webpage of quotes.

On my devblog: doing the thing right vs doing the right thing Latest round of me trying to figure out the appeal and mojo of TDD...
Sleep is like a 33% tax on life.

Y'know, as much as we like to figure out how to prevent awfulness like Pulse in Orlando, the reality is we might some day be living in a world where there's been a major dirty bomb or minor nuke-nuke in one or more major cities. Unlike cold war M.A.D. scenarios, life will pretty much go on after that, but it will put the current arguments in perspective, and will warp our culture even more than 9/11 did.