June 28, 2016

Bug copy and pasting URLs from chrome on Macs Anyone else run into this? I mostly noticed copying from chrome into gmail under Safari (where I keep on any on personal email when at work.) Very frustrating - my workaround was to copy everything but the first letter of a URL, paste, and then type the letter (and maybe the http: )

LOL, time for a unit test for them I guess. (No, actually I guess it would have to be at least a functional or maybe even integration test...)

--from College Humor's Troll GIFs - GIFs really are the silent movies of our times
I don't know much about skateboarding but Tony Hawk's last 900 is bittersweet--

me: How much did you pay for the nipple clamps?
dad: Those are jumper cables. What the hell is wrong with you?