August 10, 2016bestof_photos

2013 Travel Photos: Alaska, later Cardiff and London. (I kept a more detailed photolog for Alaska and later for the UK stuff)

Joined Riana in Juneau, and we took a puddle jumper to Gustavus. Alaska has a reverse rising oceans problem; its melting glacier weight means its land is rising. (Also Riana was amazing at spotting and knowing what random ambient plantlife to eat, from strawberries to seaweed.)

Margerie Glacier. That's a fullsized cruise ship there, for contrast. It is nearly impossible to get a sense of scale of things in Alaska; things are so often much farther and much larger than they appear.

Sea kayaking in Glacier Bay. Scary when the fog meant we couldn't see land anywhere but Riana's sense of direction was uncanny.

View from Mt. Roberts, back in Juneau.

New trip! My company was based in Cardiff, so John and I travelled to Wales, and took a sidetrip to London.

The hotel in London had nice chairs. Here I'm pretending I'm not setting up a photo.

Split view from the London Eye.

Another practiced in "distractedly" posing for shots, again on the London Eye.

Rainbow over London!

Shakespeare's Globe Theater.

John at Camden Market.

The British Museum looks like a sci-fi set.

"Poop is the cause, diapers are the effect."
--Josh Dahl, instructor of a comics story making class. Good comics stories tend to have strong senses of cause and effect...