second best photos of 2015

August 15, 2016
So this marked 20 years worth of photos, posted! Thanks to everyone who took time to comment, its been a great stroll down memory lane.

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Liyuan was kind of amazing at the teambuilding event at Brooklyn Boulders!

Just another Honkband practice.

I often have this trio of robots at my work desk: Invid Scout on the left, Iron Giant on right, some Fisher Price transformer in the middle. I kind of see them as my mom, my dad, and myself with characteristics of both, in that order

JP Honk event - Marie, Tom, and bubbles.

EBB2 looking pretty artsy.

This is either a screen capture or a misclick of my One Second Everyday video. But a fun one innertubing!

Early date with Melissa, going to see the fireworks on the Charles via Kayak. I like the elegance of her gesture.

Honkin' at the Hatch.

Beercan Art.

Shadowy Tuba Player.

A treat seeing my comic "So, You're Going to Die" at Million Year Picnic...

Panorama of Ocean Grove beach