best photos of 2015

2015 - this project is just about at its end! Just today and a "Second Best of", and then I'm caught up.

Open Photo Gallery

I'd done book purges before, but this was one significantly deeper - really getting to the Kondo-esque pleasure of having bookshelves of books I love, no filler. Presided over by Daidai, whom I was catsitting for.

or my "One Second Everyday" I take too many shots of reflections in puddles, but I find them fascinating. As a kid I used to wonder if they might be insights into mirror universes...

Mama C and Cora.

My "sexy cop onesie" (from Garment District) for JP Honk, taken around that year's Wake Up The Earth.

EBB2, with EBB1 peeking behind.

JZ and MZ got married, and dang me if them and their family don't look like they should be stock photography for something.

My go-to profile shot, a selfie taken in my hallway. I think I did a good job framing my head with the sunlight.

Just last week we had the repeat of HONK-style bands playing at the Hatch Shell with the Landmarks Orchestra... for the first event I wandered in and got a photo of the city looking out from the Hatch.

Fisheye lens view from work... This 8th floor in Seaport is definitely in the top 3 "views from my office" I've enjoyed, maybe even the top.

Melissa and Me selfie, at Weirs Beach.

Melissa and I took a trip to Montreal. I didn't get as many fantastic photos as I might have guessed (it was just a few days) but the Notre-Dame Basilica was amazing. I was a little surprised how many times they told us it was where Celine Dion got married.

Set up a holiday shot with my Mom and Aunt.

As I get ready to head to Ireland for a work conference (silver lining to housemates: I can pre-announce this stuff without worrying about advertising an empty house), with a layover in Germany to meet some old friends, I realize they might ask me about Trump etc.

It makes me think that one current advantage of our two major party system is this: Trump's surprisingly high floor is at least partially supported by some really ugly sentiment; if the Democratic Party were to splinter, the USA would be at big risk of seeing a lot of traction in extreme right wing parties, like the more multiparty states in Europe are dealing with.