August 27, 2016

Note to a Four Year Old Past Self:
"Allow me to preface this by saying that I don't know why you started eating salt in the first place, but regardless of the precipitating circumstances, there you are.
As soon as you became aware that eating huge amounts of salt is really, really uncomfortably salty, you should have stopped eating salt. That's the solution. The solution is not to begin eating pepper to cancel out the salt."
Allie Brosh, in "Hyperbole and a Half".
Great read, was literally laughing on the T.
Final Supper Mario Broth tidbit:

"This Kong with a hat was featured heavily in early Donkey Kong Land art - without name or explanation - and then was dropped once the game came out. He remains a mystery."
Batman only fights crime at night because otherwise he would have weird and obvious tan lines.