second best photos of 2016

Second Best Photos of 2016 - though to be honest I think some of these might be better than some of the "Best" I posted yesterday...

Open Photo Gallery

At the Charles Riverfest


Chet at JP Honk practice

Shot of Kristin as I fooled around with my "good camera" at a double birthday party...

My old apartment building felt armor clad when it was having insulation added

Once in a photography class this woman (with a great Irish accent) commented on my phtos "ya like boogs, doncha?" Not sure why I tried to deny it.

Bird drinking from the sky.

A pier in George Town in Penang.

I snuck a photo on my way to comics writing class because I liked how these folks clothing was paired, but then realized they were probably having some kind of sad breakup

gimmicky photo in Dublin

Flooded street outside of Aeronaut Brewery.

More casual times.

via @chapien who calls it the Tumblr Thread to End All Tumblr Threads