best photos of 2016

Realized I hadn't done a "best of" photoset for 2016... (though the Malaysia trip had its own best of and second best of)

I suspect my dedication to "One Second Everyday" taps some of my still photography mojo.

Open Photo Gallery

Aunt Susan and Cora

I think other people like this shot more than I do. I'm really not in need of sweaterly consolation, just posing.

My boot, at a Bread and Puppet rehearsal at Mass College of Art.

HONK!TX, at it again with the white vans

Also from HONK!TX - another blurred shot but I love the camaraderie.

I forgot it at the time but now I love the mellow colors of this turkey and window shot.

Melissa parasailing over Ocean Grove New Jersey

You don't have to go far from home for good goofy selfie.

Cora at my unbirthday

Batu Cave in Malaysia... probably the most strking shot of the trip.

One of our best tourist selfies ever.

Melancholy Malaysian Monkey