November 28, 2017

You cannot revolt against the peasants.
Fidel Castro.
Interesting turn of phrase, though I'm not sure if I believe it.
Sausage making is a natural outcome of efficient butchery.
Tom Parmenter

Someone was posting a "what message or lesson do you wish you could tell your younger self" - besides "buy Apple stock during the 90s" I wish I had more practice in saying less.

I often dilute my own message, usually trying to look smart, and/or showing how I understand both sides of the story, or subconsciously fearing that I will be faulted for leaving out some detail that ends up being important.

So, younger self: "State the point clearly, be concise. Add details if asked."

(Be like the father in "A River Runs Through It", who would tell his sons to take an essay and then halve the word count, and then halve again.)

Lucky Jeans via the iPhone 8...