January 9, 2018

By Jen Sorensen. It reminds me of a term Dave Chappelle uses: "Tiki-Torch Whites". I think that term captures what Hillary Clinton was meaning with her disastrous term "deplorables", but it's less likely to be misinterpreted...
Trump doesn't know or has forgotten half the words to the National Anthem. He seems to do the "bombs bursting in air" pretty well (of course) and the big finish, but for the rest he reminds me of my friend EB trying to sing along to a Beastie Boy song he only sorta knows. (The trick I use there is to do what the Beastie Boys do and just shout-reinforce the final, rhyming word of the line)
Dunkies Dumbing Down their menu. Already missing the flatbread. But the steak and egg stuff seemed really hit or miss already, in terms of availability...
Retronauts Podcast New Years Special covering '78, '88, '98, '08. It reminded me that classic Space Invaders had a "destructible environment" that's still a big feature these days - in fact, blasting through your base to make a little gunport was a big strategy. I guess that's the power of 2D gaming...
At work we have a Slack channel "#stupid-idea-buddies" where people propose ideas and no negativity is allowed. (I know some other workplaces have followed our lead - I'd recommend it for any office using shared chatrooms) Here's my latest:
#1593 Make years start on March 1. This will have 3 big advantages:
1. meteorological seasons now line up year - starting with March/April/May spring, June/July/August summer, the school year starts with Sep/Oct/Nov Fall, and then Dec/Jan/Feb Winter
2. September and October now fall on their appropriate Latin numbers (7 and 8)
3. NFL season is no longer this weird ambiguity springing from regular seasons and playoffs of one "season" being in different years
I hate the word "sanguine"