April 30, 2018

A few folks' entries in Cracked's 15 Ways To Instantly Spot (And Skip) Horrible YouTube Videos cover something that has been bugging me for a while - #15, #10 ("TOTALLY AUTHENTIC" shocked faces), #7, and #5 (The "I-badly-need-your-views" face). I wonder if there's a "generating clicks in Youtube 101" video that has explained why "put a big face or figure prominent in your thumbnail" explicitly, if people are just copying others, or if the effect so obviously improves the stats that it's just obvious.
Been thinking about how leggings (generally for women, maybe sweats for guys?) are taking over from jeans - It can be a nice look, but the way I don't get it makes me feel old :-D (Also I wonder if the future everyone looking like Shakespearean reenactors...)

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