original photo album part 6: 3 weeks in portugal

October 16, 2018
Before I started college I got to visit Marcos, our exchange student from Portugal... his friends put on a poetry and fashion show "Fractions of Seconds" and I saw a village bullfight.

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vilar formoso portugal august 1992

faz falta cafe

portugal honda and castle

with marcos and baptista train station at night

faz falta with fractions of seconds group

inside faz falta

rehearing fractions of seconds

marcos andrade

view off of roman bridge

roman bridge with manny, alex, marcos

local bullfight

leaping on the bull

bull shoving rake

view from train

view from train

eiffel bridge

eiffel bridge

uptown band poster

faz falta mural

gang at faz falta

faz falta game boy


fractions of seconds crew

roman bridge

getting ready for fractions of seconds

alex in fractions of seconds

waiter and fractions of seconds

fractions of seconds and a can

fractions of seconds and a can

drunk in vilar formoso train station

gathering foliage on the rocky terrain

historical town

king giving town right to exist statue

old construction

local bullring

local bull

bull jousting

bull from under stands

little doggie in the ring

bull chasing guy

milling around waiting for bull

the bull enters

bull in truck

broken glass

thumb and sandals

Random notes on reading and vanity:
1. I recently shelled out the $20 to get my old and scratched but great touchscreen Kindle off of ads, so the lock screen is an attractive grayscale image instead. Worth it I think.
2. It's funny that besides column width, my other reason for not using my phone as a reader is so that it's more obvious to onlookers that I'm engaged in reading and not browsing or gaming. This may be one of the most shallow things about me. (On the other hand, I always think it's good when the cover matches the book. So to speak.)
3. Come to think of it, I've switched from iPad Mini to this old Kindle full time. Maybe partially in existential protest to Apple leaving the Mini behind- I'd buy a new model that supported the Pencil in a second. But also, despite the lack of backlighting and color-coded highlighting, e-ink readers are such a chill technology.
4. Since 2000 I've been recording books read, movies watched, games played through, tv-series consumed. It's nearly impossible for me not to gamify this for myself- like I know I'm driven to complete mediocre books just for the little mark. At the end of the year I post a list with comments and recommendations. I'm not really trying to impress anyone with the numbers, just compete with my past self. Maybe I should consider posting the list without counting...
Arun and his pup Bolt