original photo album part 7: 3 years in college

October 17, 2018
And then, college. Technically my home address was New York City - some of those shots with the towers are a bit poignant.

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someone rob tracy and bob

rob kogan in freshman lewis hall

in lewis dormroom

dylan murray

nyc skyline from ellis island ferry jan 1993

in front of statue of liberty

veronika with fao teddy bear

veronika and thomas fall 1992

with veronika at harvard square

rebekah haas in cohen basement

rebekah in arts office

with marnie in salupo florida room

marnie in witczaks room summer 1993

reunion lynn darshi mike marnie alex wendy me

marine in my coat spring 1993

house on a truck near tufts

on rollerblades with beau hill spring 1993

with lena mindlina in hodgdon mental ward

lena on the tuba

lena jan 1995

donna-lane robbert uncle bill mom aunt suzie lena my 21st birthday 1995

with Lena and 21 gifts

manhattan building

with jen monty and mike by nyc skyline

mike looking at nyc skyline

in front of statue of liberty

cruiseship in new york harbor

ellis island stonework

ellis island courtyard

jen monty in shadow on ellis island

with tuba in pep band fall 1995

with mom around pep band

miss liberty

tufts wind ensemble at disneyworld jan 1994

at universal studios

on a disney rollercoaster

mary katrina shane me halloween 1995

halloween 1995 at bunker hill memorial

john mccain and tufts pep band

tufts cheerleaders

wind ensemble at quincy market

christmas 1994 rockefeller center

with mom christmas 1994 rockefeller center

mom christmas 1994 rockefeller center

with.grandma my birthday coshocton 1995

Funny how the aging milestone might shifting from transition lens / bifocals to "cranking up the font size on my phone"