original photo album part 8: senior year til new years

October 18, 2018
My family went on a 2 week, 3000-mile bus tour of the British Isles. And Veronika came to visit my in NYC for New Year's.

Open Photo Gallery

outside british museum august 1995

math bridge at cambridge

british museum

with mom in scotlland

mom susan and uncle billy goats gruff

edinburgh cats

in edinburgh

uncle bill and aunt susan at edinburgh from above

family in uk

wales crazy port name

at stonehenge

scottish gargoyles

scottish gargoyles

scottish gargoyles

church gargoyles

cat art in edinburgh


cieda ocean grove nov 1995

by cieda ocean grove nov 1995

ocean grove pier and shore

boardwalk carousel house

old ferris wheel place near boardwalk

with jumbo ii

on wigglesworth

jen mono girl monty on bridge by fenway

family reunion at the simlers summer 1995

sunset over simlers family reunion 1995

anthony tony colindres

mom getting snes for christmas

aunt susan and her christmas loot from elisabeth

veronika and shadows on beach

veronika on jersey shore

veronika on rocky shore

with veronika at times square news year eve 1995-1996

rollover to 1996

other couple at times square 1995-1996

selfportrait in mirror at empire state building

blizzard of 1996 streetscene

veronika in living room of moms apartment

odd self portrait with veronika

veronika by wall near guggenheim

If you make things long enough, you will fail. That's important enough that I'm going to say it again, with emphasis. If you make things long enough, you will fail. The same thing that put you in the elevated place of being a creative artist in the first place will curdle or invert or fall on its face or on your face and you will be a person who made something that they should not have made. [...] David Bowie said something I really liked. I don't know if he said it often, but it's the kind of thing that you should get tattooed on your leg. He said that creativity is "one of the few human endeavors where you can crash your airplane and walk away from it."
Questlove, "Creative Quest"
I think it's a good example of being aware of catastrophizing - an individual effort fails, it's so easy to see that as an array of dominos to other creative efforts, to our self-worth, maybe even our ability to make a living and thus ensure our own physical security. But those situations, those kinds of slippery slopes, aren't that common, and usually we can find some place to get traction - that is if the initial failure is even that big to begin with. Which it usually isn't - that's where the ability to cast a "So What" field comes in handy. This effort failed. So what? So I feel like I'm less good of a creator. So what?

Another quote from the book that I liked the sound of:
There was no such thing as distraction. There was only traction.