yeah, HUMANS

"Do you know about the Myth of Sisyphus?"
"Yeah, that's a funny one to me because Sisyphus is cursed to roll this boulder up the hill for eternity, but really the boulder would eventually erode. I mean a hundred thousand years or so, it would be like a little pebble, like, just like stick it out, Sisyphus, you'll be done in no time, you know? "
"Eventually it's just going to be sand."
"Yeah, exactly. And in addition, the hill will also erode. And so, you know, Sisyphus after some time would have a flat plane instead of a hill and maybe like a marble instead of a boulder."
"Yeah, so, yeah, he's cursed for eternity, but really it's he just needs to get through, I dunno, 50,000 years or something."
"Yeah, he should really stick to it, and then that'll show the gods."
"It's funny to think about a man serving out his eternal curse, and what it is, is very easily pushing a marble along the ground."
"Yeah. And then maybe stop conscripting innocent boulders into your curses, HUMANS."
It reminds me a bit of the poem Dialog of Soul and Stone - also of my paraphrase of a line from the Dilbert animated series, "Sisyphus has a sense of playfulness [...] you have to look at it from the rock's point of view." which is kind of a different assumption about what rocks might enjoy....