second best photos of 2017

talk about a day late and a dollar short - the second best photos I took in 2017...

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I love the inverse-rain-shadow my tuba made - unfortunately you have to look closely to see it.

I was fascinated by the criss-cross light at Cora's watertable.
Dramatic shadows at the office.

Lego Giraffe at Assembly Row

Tubas in Texas

Melissa's Best Little Buddy

Valentine's offering. Somehow it's the texture of the cloth that makes that one.

Big sky at Asbury Park

Somerville tends to run its Trum Fields fireworks a week early, and you can see them from our windows.

This photo rocks.

My horn Scheiny and a little friend.

The world in Melissa's shades...

You don't own the atoms in your body. It's just your turn to use them.
(reminds me of the quote from the movie Avatar: "She said all energy is only borrowed, and one day you have to give it back" )