best photos of 2018

My favorite dozen photos from 2018. Some I find visually compelling, others are a bit more about what the content is.

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Moonlight Kayaking with Essex River Basin Adventures in September led to this sunset beauty...

Jon Batiste (from Colbert's Late Show, and much more) was playing the Sinclair in Harvard Square, and a small group from School of Honk decided to "crash" between sets, playing "I'm From Kenner", a song from one of his bands that we play - turned into an invite to come in and meet him and then close out his second set with him, making a parade out the door.

Big rainbow at Union Square

Just horsing around at the Jodoin's photography studio.

Played some funerals and weddings this year with New Magnolia

Melissa got me, for the first time in my life, to get up early to go catch the over-ocean sunrise in Ocean Grove

A goofy mid-parade selfie to figure out "oh, just how badly is my underlip bleeding?"

Melissa works a few floors down and made up a surprise message for me...

Haven't skinny dipped for decades - but I have posed for pretentious artsy shots more recently!

That last one and this was at Lake George, perfect lake trip with Dylan...

...and with Sarah

Finally back to Ocean Grove, I really liked this shot with just a bit of Melissa in it...

you: hey
them: what's happening
you: everything
them: cool
you: literally everything is happening
them: cool cool
you: somethings, like stones, are happening slowly
them: ok
you: other things like love or weather are happening faster
them: well, good to see you

Melissa and I have "Iron Man 3" on in the background on SyFy. Commercials are a weird alternation: Pizza, Fitness, Pizza, Fitness, Pizza, Fitness....