February 3, 2019

Maturity is realising how many things don't require your opinion.

And not only don't require an expression of an opinion, but don't even require the formulation of an opinion.

I remember when my youngest kid was asked by a guest, "And what is your favorite color?" He looked puzzled, and then answered, "But I like them all for different things. Do I have to pick a favorite?" No, son, you don't.

There is a weirdly large amount of super bowl ads w/ robots. And all the robots kinda look like the same design, (usually) white plastic surface with some geary bits visible.
Go Pats, and Red Sox...
Celtics and Bruins gotta quit slackin'.
Finally, kind of weird that it's the lowest scoring Super Bowl AND the Patriot's largest margin in a Super Bowl game. Uh, good on the defense, I guess...