winter one second everyday

March 1, 2019
So like clockwork here is my One Second Everyday for the winter-- Christmas in NJ including the pinball museum, lots of bands (with me as player and me as audience), hanging out with kids, lots of office shots, some snow shoveling, a bit of football game and video game footage....

Oh wait, that's 2013-2014, not not 2018-2019! Here's the current one:

So, little joke there. It is a little jarring to me how similar my current life looks.
I'm pedantically anti-pedantic. I HATE when people correct someone calling a sousaphone "a tuba" - the term "tuba" isn't as specific as it could be, but it's not wrong! And flaunting your "superior", yet incomplete, musical knowledge over someone is just rude.

Anyway, that whole "look how smart I am, I know tomatoes are FRUITS" crowd has some splainin' to do, because the definition of "vegetable" is a hot mess. (And to my surprise reflects the old Anglo-Saxon/Norman elitist crap of centuries ago, and today...)

I guess I always fall on the side of being descriptivist, because I think prescriptivism is forcing people to bow to a quite possibly false god - l feel there IS an optimal, "correct" answer to things, and you should look to the usage by real people as the most accurate signposts - maybe even the definition of what is correct - to that unknowable truth (or rather, the truth you can know, but you can never be CERTAIN you know) rather than strutting with the arrogant hubris of self-certainty, like just because you know the etymological roots of something, you are blessed with perfected knowledge.