April 8, 2019

'Outlook not so good.' That magic 8-ball knows everything! I'll ask about Exchange Server next.

I did not forget your name, it's just that my ears are possessed by a name-eating goblin and any name that reaches my ears are devoured by the goblin before it can reach my brain.
I feel like this is true-er than it sounds - at least for some people - my theory is people who are fast readers etc tend to kind of skim the world of information, and if the low level reader flag something as "not really pertinent", the detail doesn't make it up the stack of cognition - and too often people's names are of this category. (I think here, for me, "peterinence" is defined as "informs on how this thing interacts with the world, or how I interact with it". And a rose by any other name would interact as sweet, you know?)