gettin' all naturey

Melissa and I went for a hike, the "Great Blue Hill via Skyline Trail" according to AllTrails, the counter-clockwise loop with just a small shortcut back to where we parked and avoiding the final hill.
Medium level hike, some clambering up and down.

Not the finest picture, but
A. tough to get light exposure on clouds properly
B. oh and we are panting like lizards

Panoramic View from Eliot Tower. It doesn't do justice to hell well you can see Boston from there. Also, I would say I really prefer hikes with interesting goals. (And kayaking with fireworks)
Churchill said "We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." I sleep soundly in my bed because I've had a wank mate.

getting a crop top that says "you are not immune to propaganda" with matching booty shorts that say "propaganda" on the ass

Really bummed about the MIT Media Lab thought that article pointed out things were grossly mercantile there - "The Media Lab has long been academia's fanciest glue trap for morally elastic rich people." It's that "can you separate appreciating the art from condemning actions of the artist" question that is so much at play these days, but on an institutional level, and for tools I really appreciate like Processing and P5.
the idea that anti-depressants are supposed to fix you is like rehydrating a raisin and calling it a grape