dirty songs from dad

September 28, 2019
Was thinking about dirty versions of popular songs - my dad was a fan, I think.
(WARNING, PG13 or slightly worse content follows)

Like for the show Howdy Doody and its theme song, I think there's a story where he regaled my mom with
It's Howdy Doody Time
This show ain't worth a dime
And as for Clarabell
Well he can go to hell
and she said "I didn't know there was a dirty version!" and he said "I didn't know there was a clean one!".

I thought of that this morning with the naughty version of "Lady of Spain"... (PG13: "Lady of Spain I adore you... Pull down your pants, I'll explore you")

Of course what I really wish I could get a recording of is the naughty version of "You're The Top", attributed to Israel Balin...
You're The Top!
You're a gin and tonic
You're The Top!
You're a high colonic
You're the burning heat
Of a bridal suite in use
You're the mound of Venus
You're King Kong's penis
You're self-abuse!
You're an arch
In the Rome collection
You're the starch
In a groom's erection
I'm a eunuch who
Has just been through an op
But if, baby, I'm the bottom
You're The Top!

I liked hearing Tony Hawk talk about tricks from the "simple" to the mind-bogglingly athletic.

Fascinating that he isn't 100% consistent on even the "low level" stuff like a "frontside 180 ollie" - I've never skated but had assumed at some point for a pro the simpler stuff became trivial.
*all the animals gathered around Adam*
Lion: Tell us again how you named us
Deer: Yes tell us tell us!
Adam: Well I-
Lumpsucker fish: boooo
Adam: I just-
Cockchafer beetle: BOOOOOOOO