chill out, spartacus


"Hey Ted, thanks for lending me 'All Man.' I read the whole book last night, and it's really put me in touch with my true inner 'Brute Force.' It changed my life overnight."
"That's fantastic, Reuben. Y'know the chapter by Charlton Heston really helped me to admit that I've always like swimsuit calendars, and that I never wanted to be 'a sensitive male.'"
"Hey you wanna go find a parking lot and beat the hell out of some total stranger?"
"Chill out, Spartacus"
Max Cannon, "Red Meat"
One of my favorite comics from college - I still use "Chill out, Spartacus" when someone is being needlessly aggressive. (Looks like the original was circa December 14 - December 20, 1995)