New Music Playlist February 2020

Pretty good month for music! One 5 star even...
Concrete Pony
Dark and cool but kind of weird similarity to Rock Me Now in terms of the piano chords...
Michael at the work Slack #music channel said he was addicted to this...
Get Up (DJ Premier Edit)
Vernon Burch
70s funk Deee-lite sampled from...
got it from the "who sampled" page for Groove is in the Heart, some of the beat and the slide whistle...

Happy Valentine's Day
Great 2000s funk, lot of neat influences well used.
Played over the credits to the Netflix series "Big Mouth"
Take Me to the River
Al Green
Classic soul
Saw the Talking Heads concert film Stop Making Sense... they cover this song but this is the original.
Hungry Eyes (Remix Edit)
Paris Encore
80s cheese redone as 90s club cheese...
I recorded a few songs with local indie band "Sound Down Cellar", they have a song by the same title as this one...
Mi T-Shirt De La Nasa
Mexican Institute of Sound
Spanish pop!
Matthew G. was talking about this song at a superbowl party we were at, I think I was wearing a NASA hoodie.

WTF (feat. Amber Van Day)
Are they sampling "bitter/sweet"?
Came up when I was googline "nightwave" music

She's Not There
The Zombies
Classic rock.
This was caught in my band buddy Sophie's ear for no good reason.

So sorrowful sounding.
A season finale of Super Store had this shown with Mateo in ICE custody.

All My People Say
Atomica Music
Totally studio, but great and pop-y bubblegum...
From a Kay diamond commercial.
Grandmother's Song
Steve Martin
Novelty goofiness.
Band buddy Matt Morin mentioned he played this song as a novelty number..

Good song but I think it's like begging for college a cappella groups to cover it. Not in a good way.
Superstore mentioned this as a song the young'uns would like

Birthday Cake
Very sex. Also I like the middle eastern minor key.
Played in the movie "Hustlers"
The Weight
The Band
Classic rock again.
Richard in JP Honk suggested we play this song.

Number One
Tove Styrke
Lot of nice influences, like both the Nikki Minaj sound and the old girl band "hey" shouts.
Played in the movie "Brittany Runs a Marathon"
Round Here Buzz
Eric Church
Country. Do like the line about driving that preacher's daughter crazy.
Mentioned in the book "In Defense of Elitism: Why I'm Better Than You and You are Better Than Someone Who Didn't Buy This Book"

Du mouvement social
La fanfare invisible
Protest song - super great energy! Love this a lot.
At an anti-alt-right counter rally, something like this came up.

Stand Up (feat. Shawnna)
Raucous hiphop.
People at the daily stand up meeting said this song got caught in their head, for obvious reasons...
Enola Gay
Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark
Anti-war New Wave
School of Honk has started playing this song.
Always (Original Mix)
Tin Tin Out
Club remix, very 90s.
On a trip to the British Isles with my family, I bought a CD "Dance Heat 95"- I think the rips of some of the songs got corrupted, so I got this one to replace the old one.

The fear is greater than the danger.