March 5, 2020

I think I've been doing well this year at staying on task at work and in life in general, quelling the instinct to veer away from a difficult task, squirting a cloud of angst behind me to cover my exit.

The other week I reposted this comic panel where I tried to illustrate a quote I find encouraging:

I was trying to think of a more compact and iconic way of capturing that - like something that could be a desktop wallpaper or phone lockscreen or even tattoo. Then I thought, maybe it could be by symbol Alien Bill in his most iconic running pose:

People ask "why is he running?" and I generally don't have a great answer. But maybe it could be - he's running to confront the problem. The movement is to the right, the direction of forward progress for people who write left-to-right. I hardly ever draw him the other direction, and when I got my little tattoo of him, I made sure he was heading the same way I was.
Another soothing tattoo idea that has stuck with me since I read it in a tweet:
[having stressful day]
*glances at my wrist tattoo that says "sometimes it do be like that tho"*
ME: Ya sometimes it do [sighs with relief]
and while I'm on the subject, why not repost the probably inspiration:

They don't think it be like it is, but it do.
Oscar Gamble

RIP Rosalind P. Walter the original Rosie the Riveter...