March 6, 2020

Googol:1 Gear Ratio, made by putting 100 10:1 gears in series. You could set the slow end in concrete, it just doesn't matter - or put in terms of energy not time, it would take more energy than the entire known universe has.

This reminds me of making homeopathic stuff, where you dilute 1:10 until only delusions remain.

Speaking of "a billion seconds", I have to make a better UI for ... you can figure out when you're a billion seconds old. But the UI for that is a little wonky, and the "date math" part is even tougher.
Scientists were close to a coronavirus vaccine years ago. Then the money dried up.. Coronavirus represents a huge failure of both public health and private investment. Serious question: which one is more likely to be able to do the right thing? Unclear threats over the horizon are tough to generate either sustained public interest in or private capital for such uncertain payout.

Random other thought: while "Coronavirus" is too generic to be a good name, at least we're not naming it something stupid and racist like "Placename Flu"

(UPDATE: on FB Chris H reminds me "COVID-19" is getting some traction in terms of a name.)
Y'all shame 'Vanilla' sex all the time on here but it's amazing when both people enjoy it. It's not my fault you gotta have your leg in a bear trap and get punched in the face to cum. Relax.