We are all the Koala-Fish-Mutant-Bird

Lately I've been thinking of this scene from Clerks: Specifically, the mini-monolog:
I saw one, one time, that said 'the next week, the world is ending'. And in the next week's paper, they said 'we were miraculously saved at the zero hour by a Koala-Fish-Mutant-Bird'. Heheh, crazy shit.
So my employer just adopted an "everyone WFH 4 weeks" policy (there's a lot to unpack in a place where everyone can work from home - and in places where people can't.) And major universities are shifting into an online mode - (also a lot to unpack about traditional universities vs online learning...)

This is the first time in the Social Media age we're asked to achieve Social Distancing. 4 weeks WFH feels daunting, like a bad blizzard that keeps you home for a week, but for a month...

And if by chance it works well enough, that if we avoid Wuhan- and Northern-Italy levels of no more beds, no more ventilators... or even if it happens, but isn't widely reported - the naysayers are going to be this guy, accusing us of being tabloids.

But now is the time when we must become our own Koala-Fish-Mutant-Bird.
Social distancing w/ Melissa in our 3rd Floor Walkup reminded me of this tweet from last fall:
I LOVE living on the top floor!! love to look out my window in my robe and scowl at the wretched earth

If we all start working from home, we need to check in on the extroverts.

I'm not saying that day 2 of Work-From-Home has given me full on cabin fever yet, but this thread dangling from a bit of laundry seemed AMAZING