March 13, 2020

Notes from UCSF BioHub Panel on COVID-19. A predictable resurgence come Autumn is alarming, I know a number of events that have kicked the can down the road 'til then.
I am blessed with a pretty kickin' WFH setup. Coworkers expressed envy over my office chair. Got a personal laptop ready for Social Media and music, my gallery of peeps, a nice old large format photo rescued from JP Library, my dad's antique typewriter, etc...

You know everything in the world is going to shit when the day is almost over and not one person has acknowledged that it's Friday the 13th

Not sure what the more befuddling "COVID-19: We're on the case" email is: Smoothie King (I have no recollection of going to a Smoothie King) or my web domain registrar Network Solutions +