March 18, 2020

My weight graph for two decades :
Hmm. Mixed feelings, I'm below 200 lbs for the first time since 2018 (save one momentary dip last spring)

It might sort of verify my theory that an office with a free lunch (TANSTAAFL) combined with ever-packed snack kitchen requires too much willpower to overcome. But also right now... akin to not feeling 100% food secure, I guess. I mean we can take precautions for another grocery run and our risk factors only slightly increase, but the more conservatively I eat the longer our "hoarded resources" will last - though probably not the full 4 weeks of WFH that has been mandated so far.

I've been food logging a few days, since it's harder to keep track of stuff. My perennial goto of "chicken sausage in a wrap" is still arond, along with frozen treats (I think I finally figured out cheap fudgicles and creamsicles have about the same calorie hit / satiation ratio but are cheaper than those diet-y yogurt things, now that "Chilly Cow" brand is no longer available) though I'm trying to stretch the treats a bit. Canned soups and cup noodles play a big role. "wrap with nutella" is a delicious new comer to cover the sweet tooth, and apples and oranges while they last. Oh and making iced coffee at home. Melissa and I have collaborated on some less blatantly bachelor-boyish meals as well.
Modern Living / Neurotica is an old set of Flash animations with a lot of weird artsy charm.. I guess it's like "see it while you still have a browser that might run Flash!"
I'm officially tired of winning.
Calling it "CoronaVirus" was - almost - endearing in its ineptness. Calling it "The Chinese Virus" is assholery at its most presidential. How about "The Whoops We Fired Our Pandemic Response Team Back in 2018 Virus"?
Famous Lines of Poetry Revised for the Age of Coronavirus
If you have a Zoom connection, that plus is all you need to a amusingly clunky Pictionary-like game online using Zoom's built-in share Whiteboard. Use someone's iPhone timer, maybe make a simple rule like "successful guess is 1 point for artist, 1 point for guesser"... (UPDATE: with more than like 4 people it's probably better to break into teams -- otherwise it gets a little tough to figure who guessed what first. )

UPDATE: Codenames at is pretty good too!