July 14, 2020

I talked to a young man with white hair on a boat cabin in the middle of a stormy sea. He forgot everything about himself exept for the fact that his name rhymed with 'Time' so he started calling himself Time.

I offered him an orange in exchange for a meaningful chat. He took the slice and told me "Nothing's set in stone, but they're set in a dirt road. If you roll your wagon in the same path too much it'll soon be the only path you can take without struggling."

Brains are meat computers that turn sugar into thoughts.
Reagalan, /u/showerthoughts

The answer to the age old half empty or full glass question: It depends on your last action with it. If you drank from it it's half empty, but if you filled it it's half full.
edbuilds in /r/showerthoughts

Good link on how We literally *do not know* what we do not know about COVID-19; thinking of the possible long term ramifications of even the quiescent virus is sobering. (That said; I know herpes/chicken pox are related, and HIV seems to be kind of its own thing. Still, one way or another viruses become a permanent part of our lives.)

It also reminds me of a sentiment I read recently that "our civilization owes its continued existence to the fact that HIV can't be transmitted by mosquitos". I think that might be overstating the case, but it's pretty alarming.