July 16, 2020

Old video (in more ways than one) about how VHS tape works. Spoiler - video tape can't move past the heads fast enough for a video signal, and the solution is that the heads themselves rotate as well, thus virtually increasing the length of the tape

(so the issue is how fast you can read the information, not how densely you can pack it in - sort of how I'm amazed at how a whole plethora of TV channels could come on one coaxial cable - or as Homer Simpson put it "*kiss* *kiss* *kiss* How can one little insulated wire bring so much happiness!?")
But in this time, it's almost like you're afraid. You're afraid to step out and be joyful, you're afraid to kind of affirm the positive and stuff, But I'm telling you it's a big moment in our history... and it's a wonderful time to be barely alive.
Jim Carrey on Marc Maron's WTF podcast