July 23, 2020

Just finished the graphic novel "Stuck Rubber Baby", a lovely work about growing up in the deep South during the "Kennedytime" era - a young man working out his homosexuality (even in the context of a straight relationship) and his space in the civil rights movement.

I like how those panels touch on the blend of admiration and love. (As always I think of that line from Birdman: "You know, just because I didn't like that ridiculous comedy you did with Goldie Hawn did not mean I did not love you. That's what you always do. You confuse love for admiration.")
Work reasonably, play reasonably.
Jon Raasch (That's a pretty excellent thing to hear from your manager...)

I've been going through old files and I found this video of a plasma globe, footage I took for my 40x30 small gif cinema series in 2003... I thought in the dark it looked a bit like a Star Trek alien entity...