September 8, 2020

This article on why the word for the Empire Strikes Back tauntaun should not be capitalized reminds me of those "I probably would have thought ewoks were stupid if I was older when 'Return of the Jedi' came out" things - I thought the chaotic horseback (err, "fathier-back") dash through the casino in "The Last Jedi" had a goofiness only surpassed by the gallop (on "orbak-back") on the surface of a Star Destroyer in "The Rise of Sky Walker". But in the 80s I totally took the "yeah we need to cavort around astride these big kangaroo-ish things because it's too cold to use spaceships" excuse at face value. Maybe because tauntans were clearly awesome.
The other day I mentioned to Melissa I was going to write my doctor about a niggling medical issue and she asked if I had one of those Partners/Aetna/whatever systems where I could communicate with him, and I said yes, and she asked which one, and I said I had no idea, and she mentioned this struck her as a rather "male"-ish tendency... not that either of us our strong gender determinists but that there was a correlation such that a woman might be more likely to have that kind of detail remembered. (Similarly I notice both her and my aunt memorize credit card numbers, whereas I'm lucky if I succeed in efforts in remembering my "3 digit code".)

I would have put my lack of recollection into a more personal bucket of "I'm into gist, not nuance" - the same kind of explanation I have for being a little face blind, or for being able to effectively skim at great speed - and so I put info like "how to contact my doctor" in a little database-y thing I have.

What do y'all think? Is there a gender-identifying correlation here, in terms of remembering details?